Marriages are made in heaven but they have to be lived on earth; in order for you to have a happily married life, one must have the right partner. It is one of the most important stages in anyone’s life. The act of marriage changes the individual status in the eyes of the society.

 A successful marriage depends on understanding and compatibility of the partners; in Hindu mythology, there is a strong belief that stars play a key role in influencing our lives and with the development of new astrological tools that can tell the position of planets and how they will be influencing the married life. Moreover, marriage is a personal reunion between two individuals and hence it is very important that the two are compatible with each other.

Planetary movements strongly influence our lives and when it comes to marriage you would definitely not want to ignore this and VliveAstro will answer all your marriage related query, whether you want to match Kundli or you want to predict your future marriage life or even if you want to know your compatibility with your would-be partner, you can connect with us today.

What do we for you?

VliveAstro has long been working to solve all your queries related to marriage. We have the following services:

  • Couple analysis– On the basis of your planetary conditions, we help in analysing the future of your marriage life, and how you will sail through your married life.
  • Kundli matching– Kundli matching is the most epochal when it comes to marriage. Our Kundli matching service will help you see how well both Kundlis match and if there is any kind of problem, we will guide you how to get over it.
  • Problems in married life- Marriage life is like a roller-coaster ride, there are times when you might face problem in your married life, VliveAstro helps us decipher the cause of the problem and get over it.
  • Marriage prospects– If you have been waiting for your marriage, connect with us today. VliveAstro will help in analysing your prospects of getting married. Our astrologers also help you familiarize with the hurdles in your marriage.


One of the most important decisions one makes our getting in wedlock is of expanding the family. Having children is the biggest blessing and ensuring their secure future is key area of concern for many. VliveAstro has expertise in answering all your queries related to your child’s future.

What do we for you?

Parenting problem- Many times it happens that we face difference of opinion with our children, which may become problematic in the future. VliveAstro helps you understand the reason behind it and analyses which planetary motion is responsible for it. You can entrust us with your problems and we will help you get over it.

Childbirth issues- Family expansion is the biggest decision one makes, but sometimes the decision gets delayed, VliveAstro analyses cosmic barriers coming in the way of your childbirth and resolve it.

Future of your child- Today everyone wants to know about the future, however, no one can exactly predict it but astrology helps to understand the kind of future one is going to have and how the cosmic powers will influence your child. Connect with us today to know more about your child future by studying his/her horoscope.

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