Manglik Dosh


This is one of the most talked about topic when it comes Indian astrology especially when it comes to deciding a marriage.  In the process of match making or Kundli matching , even if all the attributes match and there is a Manglik dosh in either of girl or boy’s Kundli , the marriage of such people is considered inappropriate and in some conservative society it is even considered inauspicious.

What causes Manglik Dosh?

Manglik Dosh which is also known as Kuja Dosh is formed when the planet Mars is placed in either ascendant or the First House , House of happiness and mental peace which is the Fourth House or in the House of Marriage or Seventh House , House of Longevity or the eighth house or House of expenditure or Twelfth House.

However, in the case of Rahu, Shani and Sun are placed in either of the above-mentioned house a yog is formed with is quite similar to Manglik Dosh although it impacts is not as deleterious as Manglik Dosh which is formed by Mars.

The placement of Mars can be in the Lagna Kundli or Navamansa chart or Chandra Kundali(Moon chart) or it may be placed in all of them . Although, the impact is less severe in case it gets placed in either of the aforementioned charts . However, if Mars gets placed in two of the charts then the impact is severe.

Effects of Manglik dosha

Manglik Dosh can cause the following effects :

  • Delay in marriage
  • Problems in married life
  • Disputes and Quarrel in married life
  • Divorce
  • Mismatch in way of thinking and opinions
  • Death of spouse

Apart from this Manglik dosh can also lead to delay in some important aspects of life like

  • Education
  • Profession
  • Progress in Career
  • Child Birth

The Remedy

Knowing the severity of the impact of Manglik Dosh, if there is a difference in the Kundli then such marriage is not allowed and should not happen. Usually, in such cases, Manglik Dosh remedy is performed. The difference in Manglik dosh can happen when one of the prospective partner’s Manglik dosh is high or low level. Apart from this a person whose Manglik Dosh is of the high level then such person face the problem of delayed marriage or may end up with no marriage at all. In such cases, the only solution is Mangal Dosh remedy to ward off the impacts of Manglik Dosh. Even if you match two yog and they have Manglik dosh it is recommended that they should be of the same level.

  • Kumbh Vivah- As per this ritual, the Manglik person marries banana tree, Peepal tree or the idol of Lord Vishnu (silver or gold).
  • Fasting- Mangliks are also advised to fast on Tuesday . Mangliks should consume Toor Daal.
  • Chanting Mantras- Reciting Navgrah mantra or Mangal mantra on Tuesday can reduce the impact. Reciting Gayatri mantra 108 times a day is also effective.
  • Gemstones- Mangliks are advised to wear red coral gold ring on the ring finger  of right hand.
  • Marriage after 28- Mangliks should get married after the age of 28 , it is believed that the effect of this dosh lowers down with the age.

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