When it comes to Vedic astrology gemstones have their own significance. The use of gemstones has its roots deep sowed in the history and it has been used by people since ages to positively influence their cosmic balance. With the change in time, people have now become more inclined towards wearing gemstones such that it influences their career, business, income etc.

As per astrology, there are total 9 planets which are represented 9 different stones. Here is the list of 9 gemstones:

  • Emerald/Panna (Mercury)
  • Diamond/Heera (Venus
  • Coral/Moonga (Mars)
  • Yellow Sapphire/Pukhraj (Jupiter).
  • Blue Sapphire/Neelam (Saturn)
  • Ruby/Manik (Sun)
  • Pearl/Moti (Moon)
  • Cat’s Eye/Lahsuniya (Ketu)
  • Gomedh/Gomedak (Rahu)

How do Gemstones work?

Many people believe that gemstones influence your psychology but Vliveastro wants to tell you that gemstones not only have a psychological impact rather it has a scientific explanation behind its effects. What happens is that each stone has a specific chemical composition and when it comes in contact with our skin, the body receives cosmic energy via stone and the color of the gemstone affects the aura which helps in restoring the balance of Chakras.

Gemstones have to be worn according to your birth sign and after following a particular ritual so that it releases maximum effect.

Vliveastro provides you authentic stones and our astrologers will help you understand which stone has to worn to wipe off specific problem. You can fill your details and our astrologerswilllet you know about the right kind of stone that will match your stars.

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